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MT Fitzgerald Posts

Hunt for Mothman

– The Boardgame –

Dawn and I recently submitted this entry to the Game Crafter Anthology contest. In this game, you send your agents out to locate clues about the Mothman’s location. You have seven days to fill the photo (puzzle) with clue pieces to win the game. Along the way, you just might have an encounter with the Mothman himself.

It will be in a spiral bound book with wooden meeples, tokens, and dice. Here’s the layout.

Hunt for Mothman - game board layout
Hunt for Mothman – game board layout

It’s going to be published in the Anthology Collection at Game Crafter and will be available for purchase. We’re very pleased with this fast brain teaser of a game. for availability or to make your own games.

Chagres Contagion

A soldier becomes entangled in a struggle for survival confronting indigenous predators, Voodoo disturbances and virulent military contagions in the 1950’s Panamanian jungle.

Chagres Contagion Cover
designed by Michael Adkins

Thrust from his hometown in WV, pushed through boot camp and shipped unexpectedly thousands of miles to the jungles of 1950 Panama would be unnerving for any young man. But these jungles have a horrible/terrifying secret waiting for this raw recruit.

Corporal Robert Frazier, uncovers a chemical weapon experiment poisoning the waterways of the Panamanian Jungle. As his friends become horribly stricken by the toxins, Bob searches for information to save them and learns of the voodoo powers that govern the laws of the jungle. Bob becomes entangled between the pursuit to save his friends, the military’s suppression of the experiment data and the jungle’s thirst for revenge.

Concrete Canvas – A Life in the Arts

Bob Paints the Wall

The documentary about Robert Frazier is completed. This 60 minute feature is centered around Bob’s design and execution of the painting of the mural on the Barboursville viaduct wall. The story also covers his early art, a few art shows and his life in the martial arts.

Bob has been a good friend of mine for many years. I first met him during a demonstration at a martial arts class. He later starred in my first movie Last Hit and then my current novel “Jungle Rot” was based on his stories on the time he served in the military while in Panama.