METH MAN ( Meth Man.pdf )

Meth Man - The End!

Well we finally shot the big end scene. It may look a big dark here in the stills but it cuts together rather well. We have the first 20 minutes rough cut and close the the last 20, save this section, also rough cut. It is looking good. Soon I will cut the rest together. All that is left are two quick pick up shots and the dubbing, special effects, sound effects, sound track, titles..... you get the idea. But we are almost there and soon there world will know the horror that is the Meth Man!

Christin & JP by Tree
Christin & JP Mid
JP & Joe
Joe Draws Bead

Horror Shorts – 8/31/05

We've shot two horror shorts for competitions. One is for the DVX user group (the DVX is the camera I use – and love). The other is for the Magic Maker's competition for Halloween. Though I plan on sending both of these out to many more competitions.

The first is “Storage Unit 7734” - Two unsuspecting thieves get more than they bargained for when they rip off the storage unit of “Voodoo Bob”

Next is “HER” - a Poe inspired tale of loss and regret.

8/10/05 – Baby we're back!

After a brief hiatus, we are back to shooting. The weather is still a bit of a pain, but people are back in town and we can knock these last few scenes out.

The following stills are from “Jack meets Detective Blue.” Det. Blue is played by our own Joe Nilles (Barton from Last Hit and also a crew member). Here Jack and Blue talk about find the body of Stan Berlin and trying to find the rest of the kids before the bodies pile up.

6/27/05 – An Action Packed Weekend!

Bringing the Meth Man feature to new levels of production, we had our aerial shots completed on Sunday afternoon. Under the skillful hands or our pilot (and actor) JP Linkous, we flew over the city of Huntington and the disc course to get some great coverage.

This footage will be used in two ways. In the opening we will use to fly over shots (without any parts of the plane showing) as an overview of the park and surrounding area. Later, when the police are looking for the kids (after finding the bodies of Stan and Walt) we use the shots with the plane showing (wing, windshield) as the police do an areal search.

Wow, what a lot we shot! Starting saturday morning with some pickup shots at the disc course, to a hot shoot at the course parking lot. Later that day we got some footage on the deck and later that night, Ashley's death!

6/24/05 – Meth Man around the town

A day of pickup shots with the Meth Man. First we hit the course for a bit of a stroll. Meth Man has a quick talk with a passing family about the evils of drug use – part of his community service.

Next we go back to the house with Travis on the deck; I think we all saw this coming. And finally, the Meth Man is down.

6/20/05 – A beautiful day at the park.

We got some fantastic shots at the disc course this weekend. Walt & Stan practice before the tournament. Stand goes to find his missing disc and Walt becomes a casualty of the Meth Man.

6/2/05 – Travis asks “Why did I agree to do this movie?”

Yep, we're getting down to the Bloody End! Just a few more scenes and it's full time editing. What we have seen so far is looking good. We're working on the opening and with the mix of a thick industrial musical track and the lab shots, it certainly sets the mood.

Here's a GIMP'd still of the Meth Man down (but not out). It will be cleaned up, but still, not too bad.

5/20/05 – Some new stills, plus our first behind the scenes shot!

Here, Sanders and Travis drive to the party. (the last shot was taken by a friend following us down the road. Note the camera, and director, jammed in the back seat).

Now we have the Party Fight. Steve and Dan deal out some payback and then Steve lays down the law.

4/18/05 – A great weekend of shooting!

First we have a scene I like to call “Die Hippie Die”. Meth Man has a talk with Kelley and Trenta about drug use.

The guys enjoy a round of disc golf. Beatiful W.V. day (finally).

Some stray shots you may enjoy. Sander's death, girls in the kitchen, Travis tries to work his magic on Kelley and much, much more!

Dan and Steve look for some “action”

Updated (5/8/05) – Long weekend of shooting. On Friday night the Meth Man took on Steve and Dan. Jolly good show! Steve gets a well deserved spine adjustment and Dan, well, he just talks too much!

On Saturday night we had a party scene, that became a party. Nice time to get it out of our systems. Sunday we shot some more at Rotary Park and that evening J.P. visited the lab. There are a few more strays pics included. (I've also just figured out how to get better resolution stills. These are a mix. I may export all in the new format – maybe not).

4/13/05 – Our first exterior night shoot. Travis and Ashley have a chat. (don't know how dark they look on your system, but they came out great in the editor. ) If you see Travis, ask him about the bats...

4/9/05 – Disc Course Shooting

A beautiful and sunny day. The entire crew was there and we got some great (and funny) footage. More than a few of us also got a good sunburn!

Here we have; JP reading the rules to the gang, the gang chasing some rednecks out of the lot, Dan showing Travis a back kick (it's a Fitz film, there's going to be a fight), Travis has problems with authority and Steve gives some parting words before leaving.

4/8/05 – More Lab work

Matt has a pounding headache, the Meth Man does not approve of disc golf and Matt shows off the Meth Man's handi-work.

4/8/05 – Lab shots and More!

First, you may have noticed the kick-ass poster created by our own Travis Johnson.

Now some stills from the Lab shoot.

The Meth Man is not in the best of moods!

We welcome back J.P. Linkous (star of Last Hit)

And now – the Lab (extra special thanks to MU Chem Dept).

4/4/05 Meth Man Lives!!!!!!!!

The first weekend of shooting is completed, and after reviewing the footage, we are more than pleased with the results. Even though we were limited to interior work due to the rain, we got some great shots. If not for the courage of the faithful crew, the shooting would have been lost. (wait, that's another story).

Here are Christin and Ashley. Forgive me if I show so many shots of them, but they are just too cute. (and great actresses).

And here are the guys, Sanders and Travis. ( we'll get Travis to smile yet! ).

And here's the Meth Man himself.

3/30/05 Script is up (the action – game play scenes are not in the script. They are storyboarded. And the script is formatted tighter than usual to help keep the page count down. Character names will be changed.

Meth Man.pdf


The “Lab” is built! Checking on the props tonight. The upstairs set is also ready. Here are some stills from the lab.


Getting down to the wire!! We have some new tests up. Here we are working with our new lighting system.

Here are our first Green Screen tests. We don't know if we will use any green screen work in Meth Man, but had fun testing it out.

Still need to get the lighting more even and add some backlight to the actors head to seperate him from the screen.

And here are the bars for the “Deck Death” scene. Very pleased with this effect. Also some guitar body texture shot.

Some stills of our location tests from last weekend. (3/6/05)

Welcome to the cast/crew site. We'll have updates and info as it arrives.

3/2/05 – Pics of the saw blades

Pics of the Meth Man's gas mask (and yellow glove).

Shooting Schedule:

Friday April 1, 2005 – 6:00 p.m. 210 Baer Street – finale

Saturday April 2, 2005 – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Rotary Park disk golf course

Saturday April 2, 2005 – 6:00 pm – (done) 210 Bear Street – Party shots, chases, disc game

Sunday April 3, 2005 – 8:00 am Pickup shots w/minimal cast. (discs flying, exteriors...]

Individual actors will be brought back the following week (4/4-4/12) for

their death/gore shots.

Download the current info pack (methman.pdf)

Download the script (soon).