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Meth Man
Now in PostProduction!

Two MethMan Websites

Feel free tocheck out the sites for Meth Man. One is the production site with manystills and information for the cast & crew. The other site is thepromotional site, a bit tighter and cleaner to help get the word outabout the MAN.

Meth Manwebsite ( not on-line)
Production website (manystills)


Last Hit Website

Last Hit

Meth Man Website

Meth Man

Horror Shorts

StorageUnit #7734

Her - Horror Shorts


Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald



LAST HIT - A Hit!!

starstarstar!"thekung fu action is plentiful"Last Hit

- Mark Pollard,Kung Fu Cinema

No Wires - No Pads -No Doubles
Just 100% Real Kung Fu!

It's out andit's a Hit! Last Hit now on DVD and VHS.

Welcometo the Last Hit website.Here you can find out more about the cast andcrew of the movie. Check out some of our favorite tunes from thesoundtrack (Ten Killing Hands). Follow the updates on showings,festivals, news and more.

BHP -What's Next!


TenKilling Hands

BuddhaHouse Productions has much more in the works. Meth Man isnow in post and we will have it available this fall. Last Hitis getting a new version with over 50 fixes and updates. The newversion will be mastered with new software and we expect an even betterlooking feature.

We have busy with our horror shorts featurettes. Both Herand Storage Unit #7734 will be enetered in film festivals thisfall. We hope these titles will give us more exposure and help promotethe company as well as our other titles.

And we are still on track for a fall shoot. We are workingwith actors to get Organ Man ready for production. Watch thissite for more details.

BHP isalways looking for actors and actresses. If you would like to read forone of our upcoming features, send an email detailing any experiencesyou've had or just tell us why you want to act.

We also havelimited crew positions open. Do you like taling on the phone, holding aboom pole or just the frantic pace of shooting? Then you may becomepart of the wonderful world of filmmaking.

We are notlooking for musicans or music for our soundtracks. We have our ownmusic production personnel.

Re: TenKilling Hands.

Soundtrackof Last Hit is by Ten Killing Hands.

32Tunes written exclusively for this feature. from rock to blues to a bitO' folkadelic, this soundtrack blends to form the heart of the movie.

TenKilling Hands' music drives the martial arts action and builds with thetension between Williams and Carlos.

Itall comes together to drop you into a psychodelic rock ending neverexperienced before in kung fu cinema!

Clickbelow to check a few tunes:
New Mourning
All U Bastards - coming soon!

Psychodalia- coming soon!

TenKilling Hands is:
Matt Kyle
Michael Fitzgerald

Contact:B.H.P., 210 Baer St., Huntington WV 25701


LASTHIT - 2004

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